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Give the gift of HOPE this Holiday Season!

The holidays are here, but the winter break is hard on many children in the Waterloo Region who depend on school programs for food.

It costs $1,200 to provide food to one child on weekends and breaks for one year. Please give the gift of HOPE and help us reach more kids living with chronic hunger this Holiday Season.

Giving4Kids 2023

When the final bell rings before the holidays, many kids rush home excited for their winter break.

Do you remember those times? Racing home with pure excitement. Whether it was about presents, play dates with friends, or simply the freedom of no school, you couldn’t wait to get home. However, this is not the reality for some kids in our community. Some who don’t have enough food to eat at home actually dread the 17 days off for winter break when they don’t have access to food from the school nutrition program.

This is the reality for over 3,000 kids in the Waterloo Region. They are facing empty cupboards and chronic hunger this holiday season. Severe food insecurity is a serious problem facing children and families in Waterloo Region.

Child Hunger Doesn’t Take Winter Break Off.

Please give to Giving4Kids, where your donation will help provide food directly to vulnerable kids who do not have enough to eat on weekends and breaks. Together we can help reach more children living with chronic hunger.

Donate Today

Food4Kids Waterloo Region is dedicated to the sustainable delivery of quality programs to ensure children in our community can access food. We receive our primary funding through community donations.

By making a donation today, you will feed the hope of children across Waterloo Region.

Food4Kids is a registered charity.
Charity #75126 9895 RR0001